The Team

Dorota, aka Lady D

currently working at Umamido Sint-Katelijneplein

Dorota is a little bit "La Mama" at Place St Cath. She is the one that keeps the place spick and span the whole time, but one could easily say her moral influence reaches way further than that. Also, she brings us delicious home made cake all the time, which probably makes her the most loved Umamido team member. Speaks EN-PL


currently working at Umamido Bailli

Sacré David, whether it is Flagey or Saint-Catherine, he feels like a fish in the sea. Ask him anything, and he will gladly explain you whatever you want to know. He is a perfectionist, an eye for detail, he might just make the prettiest ramen at Umamido. Speaks FR-EN-SP


currently working at Umamido Sint-Katelijneplein

Maybe the least visible of all chefs, cause his main turf is the kitchen at Place Saint-Catherine, the only Umamido restaurant that doesn't have an open kitchen. But don't think he aint busy, he is running the biggest Umamido restaurant after all, with its 58 seats over two floors. Speaks FR-EN-NL

Rudi, aka Arminion

currently working at  and 

Aaaah Rudi, chef, transporter, all-rounder. You can encounter Rudi basically in every restaurant, Brussels or Antwerp. He knows every kitchen by heart, he will do service blindfolded if needed. Not that there could be any serious reason for doing that, but he could. Watch out though is you see him with something sweet in his hands. He loves ramen but he definitely has a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate and whipped cream covered pastries. Just take them out of his hands, and don't mind if he starts crying.... Speaks FR-NL-EN-TR

Sovann, aka So

currently working everywhere

So almost made the huge mistake of starting to work in marketing for a massive international company, but thank god and luckily for us he quickly saw his mistake and joined the Umamido team as the first chef after Mike. He has been running the show for more than a year already at Flagey. A lean mean ramen cooking machine he is. Nobody at the entire Umamido can send out 150 ramen in one day and still keep his kitchen as spotless as if nothing ever happened, almost scary. Speaks FR-EN-NL

Mike, aka el Macho Mike, aka the Bouillon Wizz

currently working at

Mike is one of a kind. Philosopher, kaizen adept, green tea junky, student of life, great friend... What else, ah yes, he makes the best freaking bouillion in the country!! Originally from Poland, some higher purpose made him come to Belgium and join the Umamido cause (even though he originally thought he was applying for an italian restaurant, but hey, language is overrated). He founded a slowfood Convivium in Poland and that was all we needed to know. Been there since day one, an ice cold freezing morning on the market of Flagey, you should see his mastery in our open kitchen, quite something.... Speaks EN-PL-JAPOLANDISH (we don't know if that is really true, he is the only one to speak it)

Guy, aka Patron

currently working everywhere

The inspirator of Umamido. Durings Guy's studies abroad he ended up doing an internship for  six months in Kyoto, Japan in an attempt to see the world and expand his horizons. On the very first day of arrival in Kyoto, his very first meal, without even knowing what he was queing for, was an overly delicious bowl of tonkotsu ramen. He fell in love then and there (very much like the evil restaurant critic in Ratatouille when he first tastes the ratatouille made by Remy, if you haven't, watch it!!) Anyway, the rest is history ... Speaks NL-FR-EN-DE